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Moment of the Year: Rashawn King’s return to sports

How do you measure a moment, and how fleeting is it supposed to be? Do we measure a moment on one shot, one game, one minute or one second?

The answer to that question is unclear. There are several answers.

And there were several “moments” this year for Middle Creek High’s Rashawn King. Every time he stepped onto the field or onto the court, it was a moment home and visiting players alike could take inspiration from.

After being diagnosed with leukemia before his junior year, King returned to varsity sports – football and basketball – as a senior with his cancer in remission. He ran for 173 yards in football and scored two touchdowns. He was second-team all-conference in basketball with 5.8 points and a team-high 4.8 rebounds per game.

He was given much recognition for his comeback. There was an outpouring of support and fundraisers. He got a standing ovation before his basketball team’s final holiday tournament game. He was a runner-up in the Inspireum Football Awards, earning a $2,500 scholarship.

But he also gave back. The Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed King to ask for anything he wanted. He asked them to serve lunch to his school to show his appreciation.