Cary News

In Cary, no more leaving Fido tied up alone

Town residents may no longer tie their dogs in the yard without human supervision, under a new law adopted by the Town Council this spring.

Instead, dogs can be kept in fenced outdoor areas of at least 100 square feet, or 200 square feet for dogs heavier than 20 pounds.

The town’s rules also require adequate food, water and shelter for any animals. A first-offense violation of the rules carries a $20 fine, with successive violations escalating to a maximum $250 fine and seizure of the animal.

In the Triangle, Garner, Chapel Hill, Clayton and Durham County also have outlawed tethering. Meanwhile, Raleigh and Orange County limit the time owners can tether dogs each day.

Find more information on Cary’s new ordinance and keeping pets in town, search for “Animal Control” at or call 919-319-4517.