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155 iPads missing from Cary school

A local elementary school is missing almost $80,000 worth of Apple iPads, according to police reports.

The 155 tablet computers disappeared from the media center of Weatherstone Elementary School after school hours on June 12, school staff told the Cary Police Department.

Police believe at least one intruder broke in through a window and made off with the devices, which a police report values at $500 each. School officials have declined to say what security measures protected the devices, citing the ongoing criminal investigation.

The Wake County Public School System bought 1,600 of the handheld computers last month, and Weatherstone Elementary recently received about 30 iPads per grade for its new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program.

The tablets are becoming a favorite choice of governments and schools, thanks to their simplicity and wide array of software applications. But their light weight and high cost make them a tempting targets for thieves.

Cary police are still investigating, the department confirmed Monday.