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Cary jeweler sets high ambitions as necklace is selected for Golden Globes swag bag

When Candice Yagmin designs a piece of jewelry for CYDesignStudio, she sees stars of the celebrity kind. At least, that’s what she hopes.

Growing a handmade jewelry business is not easy, and sometimes it’s all about who you know or who you can get to wear your product.

Yagmin struck gold last weekend when her Teal Briolette Sterling Silver Necklace was selected for swag bags that were handed out to celebrities and other VIPs at a Hollywood gift lounge prior to the Golden Globe Awards.

“When I think of the Golden Globes, I think of elegance and class,” she said. “Emeralds were the first gemstone that came to mind.”

She said the teal stone she selected “captures the beauty and intensity” of the classic jewel.

The necklace is available in Yagmin’s Etsy store for $24.95.

It’s not the first time one of Yagmin’s pieces has been showcased. Another necklace was worn by actress Candice King on an episode of “The Vampire Diaries.”

Yagmin is not paid for such exposure. In fact, it costs her money. She was invited to join the Artisan Group in Hollywood, an organization that orchestrates the opportunities for artisan-owned businesses. The payoff comes if a celebrity likes a piece and says so – particularly on social media.

After Yagmin sends a piece to the Artisan Group, it then gets sent to costume designers, she said.

“I’ve submitted to a ton of TV shows,” she said. “You’re supposed to watch to see if they use it. If a celebrity would Instagram me, that would be the best payment I would get.”

Yagmin began making jewelry in 2012.

“I ran a dog rescue and needed to find something to do from home,” she said. “I stumbled into jewelry and gave it everything I had. Every penny I made I put right back into it and it grew from there.

“I like to create. I need an outlet. I went to school for computer science, but my friends always called me Martha Stewart.”

Yagmin, 33, and her husband moved to Cary six months ago from Randleman.

“We absolutely love it here,” she said.

The handcrafted jewelry line, which Yagmin describes as minimalist, is always evolving. She mainly makes women’s jewelry with sterling silver and gold-filled materials. But she has some men’s pieces, and some hand-stamped guitar picks. Personalized pieces also are popular.

“I have a bunch of stuff for 2016,” she said. “There’s a new Valentine’s line coming up.”

CYDesignStudio has enjoyed enough success that Yagmin has hired an assistant to help with the business, including promoting the jewelry on social media.

“It’s a lot more than I expected at this point,” Yagmin said of her business. “I got to quit my job and afford some little little luxuries. It’s enough to keep me in business and give someone else a job.”

And she has set her sights high for expanding even more.

“I want to be in Macy’s,” she said. “I think that’s the goal. I’m working on it.”

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