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Apex High grad found faith and a career in college

When Brian Davis graduated from Apex High School four years ago, he planned to earn a B.S. in Business from UNC-Greensboro. His quest for business success turned into a journey of faith.

Davis will graduate this week with a double major in Religion and Communications. Both degrees will serve him well as plans to join the Campus Outreach staff at George Washington University in the fall.

During his freshman year Davis met Kyle Mercer, UNC-G Campus Outreach Director. “He is known as the magic trick guy,” said Davis. After Mercer uses his tricks to draw a crowd in the dorms, he starts conversations with the students that lead to friendships and often to the group’s Bible studies.

The magic tricks and Bible studies weren’t the only things that Davis liked about Mercer.

“He had a joy and genuineness that I didn’t,” said Davis.

Once he became a believer, Davis’ relationships with Campus Outreach mentors deepened. He began to explore a career in campus ministry outreach.

To prepare for his job in Washington, D.C., Davis volunteered his time to mentor other students. He also spent three years as the resident advisor for the freshman dorm. His open-door policy in the dorm led to friendships with the younger students who often came to him for advice on college life or to play a video game. Eventually he invited the students to his Bible studies.

David Russell, another of Davis’ mentors, was the most influential in his earlier college days. Russell was on staff at UNC-G Campus Outreach for several years before leaving in 2010 to start a ministry in the Washington, D.C., area.

Davis calls Russell his “spiritual grandfather” and feels God is calling him to be part of the work Russell is doing.

The road to Washington will require faith and fundraising. Davis wants to raise $5,000 a month in pledges. The high cost of living is among the reasons for having such a large support goal. Davis said the need in Washington is great and worth the effort. The money will enable Campus Outreach to impact the lives of future leaders who come from all over the world to study in the nation’s capital, he said.

“Through personal relationships, evangelistic events, small group Bible studies and discipling opportunities, we have been able to establish a solid ministry presence on our D.C. campuses and look forward to having Brian join our efforts,” said Russell.