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Bill Hutson: Triumph of snobbery

Triumph of snobbery

The response of our town council to Wake County Schools’ proposed use of temporary buildings for the ninth-grade center for Panther Creek High School is regrettable.

Councilwoman Lori Bush is quoted as saying “Any of us would look at that and say, ‘No, that’s not Cary.’ ” The article leads one to conclude that it was largely the design standards and temporariness of the buildings that drove our council to reject the proposal.

But, there is more than the visible and the material at stake; there is virtue waiting to be developed. I think our council’s design pride and aesthetic snobbery will rob us and our children of a great opportunity to gain something far more valuable and lasting: the virtue of frugality and hardihood.

Going to school in temporary buildings can encourage a healthy sense of austerity, of living and studying well despite slightly more rugged conditions, and of “making do”.

These virtues, more than pretty buildings, are what they need to face life squarely, with confidence, a smile, and the spirit of adventure.

Let’s prepare our students for life, where the great and lasting things always take a bit of struggle. Should we let them see us respond with our collective noses turned upward or with a hearty smile?

Let’s reconsider the school system’s proposal.

Bill Hutson