Cary News: Obituaries

Nanci Ellen Sharp Tanton

Nanci Ellen Sharp Tanton a resident of Chatham County NC died of pancreatic cancer May 21st, 2013 in Dothan Alabama where she was surrounded by family and friends. Two days before her death Nanci was delighted to join her brother William Sharp and many other friends and family members across the United States in a beautiful Gulf Coast retreat near Panama City, Florida for a celebration of marriage joining her daughter Arianne Tanton and Quinn Marceil.

Nanci was born in Lexington, Kentucky May 14th 1952. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and undertook graduate work in the same field at Florida State University. She was employed by the Town Of Cary and worked in the cultural arts field. A lifelong photographer and world traveler, Nanci earned a reputation as being one of North Carolina’s leading photographers. Her work included landscape, architectural and human interest subjects.

Nanci was formerly married to Bob Tanton of Dothan Alabama who died in December 1990. For the past 11 years Nanci lived on a rolling Chatham County farm with her friend and partner, Dr. C. A. Keisler. Together, the two enjoyed the meadows, streams, woods and extensive flower gardens surrounding their beautiful home near the Rocky River. Nanci is survived by family members in Georgetown Kentucky and both Birmingham and Dothan Alabama.

In lieu of flowers Nanci asks friends and family to make donations to help fund pancreatic cancer research with donations going to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network via Tanton/keepthememoryalive.