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Pamela Dunbar: Help nature do the work

Help nature do the work

Are the SolarBees on Jordan Lake supposed to clean up the algae or grow more algae?

Recently, my son and I paddled out to visit the SolarBees positioned near the Haw River section of the lake. We were really surprised to see they are growing a thick coating of brown algae. The mixing mechanism is so minimal that we were able to sit next to one on watercraft and not detect any motion in the water.

On the other hand, we clearly heard the Haw River from afar working really hard to mix the water as it flows into the lake without any cost to the taxpayer. The movement of the Haw as it emptied dark brown water and empty plastic bottles from upstream pushed our watercraft many yards.

It is evident that the people of North Carolina need to help our own Haw River do its work.

Pamela Dunbar

Chapel Hill