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Hanna Lyons: What about Medicaid?

What about Medicaid?

I attended a recent candidate forum in Fuquay-Varina, and I was appalled at the lack of a single question concerning Medicaid expansion. Incumbents were not required to explain their opposition on the issue, and their opponents were not asked their positions.

This crucial issue affects our state’s poorest residents, with hundreds of thousands being denied access to health insurance. Our elected leaders must continue conversation on this matter. Apparently, the sponsors of this forum do not agree.

As if this omission weren’t bad enough, Rep. Paul Stam, running unopposed in N.C. District 37, was included on a panel with Rep. Nelson Dollar and his challenger in District 36, Lisa Baker. It was unfair to Baker to be on a platform between two incumbents and two Republicans, one of whom she isn’t even running against.

She handled it with grace, intelligence and humor, but it did not provide citizens an appropriate opportunity to understand her positions in relation to those of Dollar. The forum’s sponsors took “incumbent-friendly” very seriously. Unfortunately, this voter left with her concerns unanswered.

Hanna Lyons