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Morgan Bush: Missing trees in Cary

Too much development?

Is this really necessary? Born and raised in Cary, I’ve always loved the small-town feeling and community-focused aspect of my town. Do you remember when Stone Creek Village was simply a gas station on a dirt road? I do.

Yes, walkable dining and shopping areas are a big plus. But do we need a Harris Teeter on every corner? Is it necessary to have a Walgreens on one side of each intersection and a CVS on the other?

Given that I attend UNC-Chapel Hill – just a 30-minute jaunt up I-40 West – I return home fairly frequently for holidays, Lazy Daze, a Seven O’Clock Rock Friday night and the occasional dinner with my family. Each time I’m back, I notice yet another development project.

The last time I was home, I noticed the clearing of the forest by the corner of Chapel Hill Road and Morrisville Parkway. Was it not enough to clear all the trees for a giant Gander Mountain store just next door in Park West Village? And what about the barren landscape where the new Publix is opening – is there not a Harris Teeter less than 500 steps away?

Call me crazy, but I miss the trees.

Morgan Bush