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Sprink: Fuquay-Varina should focus on roads before adding more development

Fuquay-Varina should focus on roads first

I have been following the recent series of articles touting the economic growth and development objectives of the governing Fuquay-Varina leadership. However, it appears that the town fathers have gotten ahead of their headlights by fostering residential growth without first providing the necessary infrastructure to support it.

Anyone living out this way is keenly aware of the total traffic gridlock on almost every road in the town at all times of the day. As an example, look at only providing a turn lane along Broad Street in front of the main shopping area and the flagship Judd Parkway, with only one lane each way with no turn signals in key intersections. There is a total lack of vision and regard for traffic problems.

Justifying more residential density (which compounds the traffic problem) because more tax revenue is needed for an overcapacity sewer and water system investment doesn’t demonstrate good planning in view of the road problems.

Waiting for Department of Transportation action on the roads doesn’t cut it. We are way down on their list.

The town must either take on the responsibility to expand the road capacity or stop the expansion. Forget about doggy parks, community theaters and art centers for now and fix the road system. Otherwise, we all be sitting in our cars in traffic unable to reach these or any destination in a reasonable length of time.

John Sprink