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Sean Stegall: A warm welcome to Cary

A warm welcome

As I complete my first month as Cary’s new town manager, I want to say how incredibly grateful I am for the warm welcome the Cary community has given me and my family. Everywhere I look, I see the amazing results of decades of collaboration among dedicated elected officials, enthusiastic volunteers, talented town staff and a generous business community – all working in strong partnership to make and keep Cary the best it can be.

Cary’s successes prove that great communities come from recognition that government cannot and should not ever try to be the sole purveyor of all ideas or solutions, a philosophy I subscribe to wholeheartedly. It is truly a dream come true for my family to now call Cary home, and it is an honor to be able to serve this community.

Sean R. Stegall, Cary Town Manager