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Last week, Northwoods Associates LP announced plans to spend an estimated $5 million constructing a new office/retail building and renovating a shopping center in downtown Cary with a brewery or brewpub as an anchor. Here’s a sampling of comments on Facebook and emails.

Steve Bank: The plans for rehabilitating downtown Cary sound terrific except for one thing. There is no mention about the construction of a new downtown library. I do hope that the library is somewhere in those plans.

Doreen L. Weaton: Not thrilled with the idea of another brewery in downtown, and I’ll ask thequestion I always seem to be asking about development. Where’s the parking?

Yolanda Abk Escate: While I understand the concept of reinvesting in our communities and bringing development, we already have TMAC, Fortnight and Carolina Ale House. We don’t need another place to invite drinking. I prefer other forms of entertainment geared toward families that can still bring in revenue for the city. (It’s not a town anymore.) If we continue putting up breweries, will we be encouraging drinking and driving? We’re in the Bible Belt, not the beer belt. My thoughts? That’s a negative. I’m all for reinvesting in our neighborhoods, just not looking forward to another brewery.

Nicole Martin-Gonzalez: I think it’s a good idea as long as they don’t make the tax payers help pay for it like everything else. Downtown Cary really doesn’t have much of a nightlife.

Laura Kreitzbender Russell: Brewery in downtown Cary – great idea. Would add to the nightlife for us locals, and a place to take visiting friends and family.


Fuquay-Varina is planning an arts and conference center at a proposed cost $12 million. That’s more than $5 million set aside for the center. The increased cost includes renovating a building owned by local businessman Bob Barker.

Jim Whalen: I think you have your priorities wrong. There are more important things to spend $12 million on. For example, our roads and infrastructure are a mess. What is the sense of building this art center if you can’t even drive there without a lot of hassle?

Annette Hart: The town needs to focus on the traffic problems we face now and put the arts center on a lower priority. And how about businesses that keep us spending our money in Fuquay-Varina and not Cary, Apex, Holly Springs and Raleigh?

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