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Alissa Nicole Anthony: A bad hotel deal

A bad hotel deal

How does The Mayton Inn fit together regarding the proposed “stimulus” of business growth and pedestrian influx in downtown Cary? Yes, we have a beautiful Cary Arts Center and a few nice businesses on Acadamy and Chatham streets, but outside of that we really do not have a downtown.

What really irritates me is the application for federal money to provide 40 low-end jobs. Great, this hotel may provide 40 low-end jobs, but for a hotel to stay in business, there need to be clients and guests using the facility.

While we have MetLife and SAS in the immediate area, we also have The Umstead, a beautiful hotel located off a major interstate where the accessibility and draw are evident.

It seems that the town of Cary always has its development priorities in reverse order, whether it is urban planning or traffic-control improvement. How about we try getting the businesses to commit to populating the downtown area and see how that goes? This would increase the tax base, provide a draw for the mysterious foot traffic and perhaps create a business pool for the mythical Mayton Inn.

It seems that the application for federal money to build a boutique hotel with boutique room rates is not an intelligent use of the money. Isn’t HUD funding supposed to help revitalize urban areas like Detroit of the present and the south Bronx of the past? Affordable housing and opportunity, not a swanky hotel and 40 jobs.

Alissa Nicole Anthony