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Ray Czarnecki: Unanimity continues to prevail

Unanimity continues to prevail

About six months ago, I wrote a short essay on the dangers and shortcomings of complete unity on the Cary Town Council. It pointed out that a panel of “yes men” will never bring out the truth. Executives of businesses and even presidents of nations find it necessary to deliberately have members of their staff develop opposing views on all matters of serious consequences.

In spite of all this, and the addition of new members, the Town Council continues to vote as one while encouraging citizens to participate in deliberations. They call this “sunshine” when no one seeks the truth.

I found two marvelous quotes by sages of old that bear on the issue:

From ancient China: “When two people in business are always in agreement, one person isn’t necessary.”

From American history: “When ideas are in conflict the Liberty Bell is ringing.”

So maybe all we need to lead the town is one person since the council is always in agreement. Another conclusion: Progress and revolution are the product of conflict.

It seems that the staff leads while the council follows. This is democracy?

Ray Czarnecki