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Jay Moore: A tale of two downtown Carys

A tale of two downtown Carys

As a resident of downtown Cary, I am thrilled with all the new restaurants, shops and entertainment options, bringing the feel of a cultural center that can draw people to live downtown.

But as a homeowner literally in the heart of downtown Cary (however on the wrong side of the tracks), it is clear that downtown Cary has yet to focus on a plan to create a walking community where people can both live and play.

Cary has cordoned off a small area where it uses taxpayer money to pay top dollar for some residents’ properties – all the while allowing surrounding neighborhoods to decline as “investors” come in and buy properties in the hope of a payday as Cary doles out taxpayer money.

I have spent blood, sweat and tears upgrading my home only to be surrounded by neglected rental property. When town ordinances are clearly broken on these neglected properties, Cary is slow to address the violations, only to reply with excuses.

Please, Cary, invest attention and direction in keeping up the neighborhoods surrounding the heart of downtown. Run-down neighborhoods do not add to the appeal of a thriving downtown.

Jay Moore