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CaryWatch: A dedicated Cary resident

A dedicated Cary resident

Ray Czarnecki, the founder of CaryWatch, transferred his skills, knowledge, experience and sense of humor to heaven this month. Heaven’s gain and our loss.

We, the members of CaryWatch, will miss our dear friend. We always looked at Ray as the “father of CaryWatch.” Ray always led with conviction, dedication, and his love for Cary. Sprinkled in his work to make Cary the best place to live was his sense of humor.

“A charming man,” as the wife of one of the Town Council representatives once said. Yes he was.

There is no question in any of our minds why Ray founded CaryWatch. He adored the town of Cary. He always said if you want a city, go to Raleigh.

He was not shy about expressing his concerns about Town Council decisions. You may not always agree with Ray, but we can assure you he did his research and never let his emotions lead. He was a brilliant man.

The future of CaryWatch is at stake. We know Ray wants us to continue his work. “Don’t stop now!” he’s yelling.

We hear you, Ray, and the torch is still lit.

The Members of CaryWatch

CaryWatch is a local grassroots watchdog group.