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Layne Thomas: Look to downtown Apex

Look to downtown Apex

While I think it’s great the Cary Town Council is coming up with ideas to lure people to downtown Cary, I wonder why they have not taken into consideration what downtown Apex has done.

My oldest son and I went to Apex on a gloomy, rainy Saturday and were amazed at how many people were there enjoying all the area has to offer. The restaurants and stores were all abuzz with customers.

I looked at my son and asked, “Why can’t Cary do the same?”

Instead, it seems the Cary Town Council would rather spend money on art, a theater, a water fountain and $5 million for a downtown square.

I would be willing to bet the general population of Cary would rather see a downtown plan more like Apex than the costly plan that is currently taking place.

Layne Thomas