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Anna Lineback: Amendment One is bad policy

Amendment is bad policy

Amendment One is terrible policy. Amendment One’s vague, untested language (“only legal domestic union”) harms unmarried couples, and, indirectly, all North Carolinians. There are real costs and only perceived benefits. There are many reasons to vote against this Amendment, and most of them have nothing to do with same-gender marriage, which is already prevented by two state statutes.

If passed, the amendment will cause unmarried couples in several municipalities to lose health care benefits and domestic partner benefits.

It could weaken domestic violence protection for unmarried victims. In Ohio, where a similar amendment was passed, certain domestic violence convictions were overturned because domestic partnerships were not recognized as valid.

It could be bad for business. Bank of America executive Cathy Bessant calls Amendment One “a direct challenge to our ability to compete nationally for jobs and economic growth.”

There are many real harms, so many that one of the amendment’s original supporters, Rep. Jim Crawford, has said he will vote against Amendment One. At a recent debate, he said the amendment “does go too far.”

This is a no-brainer: North Carolinians should vote against Amendment One on May 8.

Anna Lineback