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Bill Hickman: Cary has much to lose

Much to lose

Here are some facts for Cary citizens to think about with regard to the recent proposed decision of the Cary members of the Cary/Chatham Joint Planning Commission to allow zoning for one house per acre instead of one house per five acres in the watershed area adjacent to Jordan Lake.

Cary, with a population of 140,000 plus, is almost entirely dependent on Jordan Lake as a water source. The entire population of Chatham County is around 65,000 with the largest town, Siler City, fewer than 10,000 people. Siler City draws its water from the Rocky River Water Basin. Most of rural Chatham county depends on well water for drinking and not on Jordan Lake.

Why is Cary, which has the most to lose if the water quality in Jordan Lake deteriorates, proposing to up the zoning density of the Jordan Lake watershed? Why is it yielding this interest to the stated desires of Chatham County landowners and commissioners?

Our town council members who are on the joint commission (Julie Robison, Jennifer Robinson and Lori Bush) may have the answer for this, but to my knowledge, haven’t provided it to the Cary public.

There is a Joint Cary/Chatham Commission meeting scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday May 8 at the Agriculture Building in Pittsboro.

It might be helpful if Cary had some representatives there to let their views on these matters be known.

Bill Hickman