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Marcia Johnson Williams: Water we can’t use

Regarding your recent article on water in western Wake county (“Ugly water causes worry,” April 11), my husband and I live in the McKenzie subdivision in Holly Springs and are serviced by Aqua. We are experiencing the same problems with our water – ruining clothes, appliances and having black specks in the water.

Aqua initially stated we were the first to report bad water.

When we moved to our home almost two years ago, our two pups were just a few months old. Within the first 24 hours of drinking the house water, they began to have serious vomiting. After changing them to bottled water, the issues went away.

Soon I began experiencing the same symptoms as the pups, as well as itchy, blotchy skin from bathing.

We installed a water filtering system on the house, and we placed a water filter on the shower in our bathroom. We have to change these filters every two to three weeks. Even with the filters, I have had to quit using our house water for anything other than bathing due to the gastrointestinal problems experienced when using the water for cooking or ice.

Aqua continues to claim the water is safe. The water is not safe at all. How sick do we have to get before the water is cleaned up?

Marcia Johnson Williams

Holly Springs