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David Fass: Joint plan should honor residents’ rights

Residents’ rights

In the Opinion Page of the Southwest Wake News on April 29, Chatham County Chairman Brian Bock submitted his rationalization for increasing the housing density east of Jordan Lake in Chatham County from 1 dwelling per 3 or 5 acres to 1 dwelling per acre.

He states that one of his principles is the protection of the property rights of residents in the area. After public input sessions in 2006, 2009 and 2011, and petitions, there was not one plan that proposed anything less than 2 dwellings per acre, with much of the area 1 dwelling per 5 acres or 1 dwelling per 3 acres.

It is not the homeowners in this area of Chatham County who want lower density that will adversely affect their quality of life and the impact on Jordan Lake. It is a small number of landowners, who don’t even live here, who intend to develop their land by adding as many homes as they possibly can.

I am not anti-development, but the development should be compatible with the neighborhood and take into account the impact it will have on the environment, the additional ratable to the county as compared to the corresponding expenditures for the added population, quality of life, and the long term effects on Jordan Lake.

I hope Chairman Bock is a man of his word and decides on the density issue based upon the residents’ input instead of the few non-resident owners who are more concerned about their pocketbooks.

This decision will forever impact the environment, the lake, water quality and drinking water for many thousands, and the quality of life of the residents of the area.

David Fass