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Mark DiGiacomo: Explore options before tax hike in Holly Springs

Explore options before tax hike

As an individual who wants to see Holly Springs become an attractive gem for businesses and families, I’m dismayed by the town council’s majority casually favoring a tax hike in the wake of a recent vote on the $20 million bond.

The impression given to voters was that a tax hike was the last of three or more revenue channels to be considered, with income from the town’s growth being the preferable and most sought-after option.

Based on comments like those of Mr. Chet VanFossen who has no dilemma raises taxes during a severe economic downturn, it seems to me our town council has lost touch with the public.

How is it that the sprawling 50-acre outdoor mall New Hill Place, or Novartis’ massive site expansion won’t draw increased income and population to our town? Why are we spending the bulk of the bond on reckless ideas like a pavilion at Jones Park that will dominate a 200-square-foot pond behind a school? Or another indoor facility when one was just completed next to Womble Park at the cost of millions? What the town needs are bike and walking paths to connect areas, promote better health and recreation along with the Mims Park plan.

At minimum the town needs to use funds intelligently and explore every possible option before raising taxes. This was what the bond vote was about.

Mark DiGiacomo

Holly Springs