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Judie Strickland: Let’s vote on transit plan

Let’s vote on transit plan

The struggling economy and attracting new jobs are paramount concerns for most everyone. Right now we have an opportunity to bring jobs and development to our community through the expansion of public transit.

Convenient and reliable public transportation options have proven to attract economic development. Wake County has proposed a transit plan that would double bus service and bring commuter and light rail through Cary. We shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

Local governments in Wake County have had the opportunity to comment on the transit plan. As a Cary resident, I would like the opportunity to vote on it this November.

Transit would mean more job opportunities, less time commuters are stuck in traffic and cleaner air. Our area has one of the highest population growth rates nationally, and roads are prohibitively expensive to build and maintain. Good transit options are important as gas prices rise and population rates increase. Not everyone can afford to own and maintain a vehicle, and people are becoming more aware of the importance of air quality – car emissions account for the majority of air pollution.

Cary residents deserve the right to vote on whether to fund the transit plan. The upcoming general election is an important avenue to gather residents’ opinions on a referendum to fund mass transit.

We can’t afford to wait. With our population projected to double in the next 20 years, we need to start working on a solution now.

Judie Strickland