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William Conner: Substitute for officers

Substitute for officers

The letter writer commenting on Cary’s red-light cameras (on the May 23 Opinion page) misses the point of such cameras entirely.

Clearly, Cary, along with every other jurisdiction in the country, lacks the funds to properly and fully enforce speed limits and traffic laws with “real town of Cary police officers.”

Despite the occasional glitches, red-light cameras are a very effective substitute, as evidenced by the number of letter writers that attack their use every time there is a glitch.

Given the funding shortfall, cameras are a reasonable and appropriate step to take in order to deter drivers tempted to break the law. Their purpose is safety, not raising revenue.

Accordingly, the receipt of only $6 on every $50 ticket should be viewed as gravy to the Town. Furthermore, no realistic number of $50 tickets will come close to covering the cost of hiring “real police officers” to do the job.

William Conner