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Phil Gorge: Redo Cary gateway

Redo Cary gateway

The gateway to south Cary needs a redo.

While the Cary turf engineers have begun working on landscaping the southern half of the Cary Parkway, they may want to consider walking their way up to both U.S. 64 exits at Cary Parkway. The landscaping is atrocious. The selection and number of trees were poorly thought out years ago. Weeds dominate the landscape.

The city and state have spent a lot of taxpayer money to project an image of manicured highway exits dominated by wildflowers and pristine tree areas. It’s an image the citizens enjoy and take pride in. It’s good for business.

The Harrison Interstate 40 exit is idyllic as are the exits to Cary Towne Center and N.C. 55. Driving throughout North Carolina reveals careful highway aesthetics from Greensboro on I-40 to Sanford on U.S. 64 to Charlotte on I-85.

It’s time for the U.S. 64 Cary Parkway exits, east and west, to be redesigned, reducing the number of trees, replanting pines and maples, and allocating funds for weed management.

Phil Gorge