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Steve Forsythe: Station manipulation

Station manipulation

Regarding the new-car inspection bill that the legislature just killed: Lawmakers are putting concern for inspection station operators ahead of the economic interests of the public. How many of these stations are there and what percentage of their earnings come from inspections? If there is no need for inspections for a car’s first three years, aren’t these redundant inspections just welfare for garage owners?

By the legislature’s logic, we should still be subsidizing horse manure removal from the streets of Raleigh.

European socialist governments are failing because of promises to prop up some professions (like taxi drivers) by subsidies and reduced competition, to the detriment of the rest of the economy. So how is European socialism different from North Carolina socialism?

One solution that would ease the impact of revenue loss for garage owners would be to gradually increase the time of the first required inspection to three years by delaying the first inspection by six months every year starting in 2013. After six years, the delay of three years will be in place, and the garages will have time to adjust their business model to not rely on special government handouts.

Steve Forsythe

Holly Springs