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Gary L. Johnson: Cary Council has wrong priorities

Wrong priorities

The decision by the Cary Town Council to reject the proposed ninth-grade center for Panther Creek High School is sadly typical of Cary’s emphasis on what looks best for Cary instead of what is best.

The Wake County Public School System would certainly prefer to establish a permanent ninth-grade center, but such would require time and considerable resources. The school system doesn’t have a large pot of funds to use and would have to go back to the Wake County Commissioners for additional funding. In today’s economic climate and political attitudes, that doesn’t seem practical.

The solution, albeit temporary, was to take the modular approach so that the rapid growth in the student population could be accommodated. It is well-documented that overcrowding in schools has an adverse impact on education.

The Cary Town Council appears to care more about appearances than the quality of education of its young citizens. As one council member said, Cary shouldn’t relax its appearance standards “just because it’s for education.” That is a pathetic attitude for public officials to take.

This is regrettable, but not surprising. Cary’s obsession with appearance has been known for years. Please recall that its “Appearance Commission” once required the Taco Bell on Kildaire Farm Road to be re-painted because the restaurant had used the “wrong” shade of pink. How sad.

Gary L. Johnson