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Jack Williams: The parent’s role

The parents’ role

Legislators cannot blame teachers when third-graders fail reading tests. My children were reading at a first-grade level before kindergarten. They continued to excel through the public school system and are now successful adults.

Because of their early introduction to reading, they remained interested in reading throughout their lives. We used no magic system or intensive training program. We simply read to our children every night. The reason children are failing at a higher rate today is not because of the teachers. Public school teachers all follow the same state guidelines, use the same books, the same training material, follow similar plans with the same testing programs. The failure rate is caused by the lack of parental involvement in their children’s lesson plan.

Dear moms and dads: It’s not easy, but you need to read to your babies, help with homework and be accountable for your own children’s success in school.

Jack Williams, Cary