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T.J.Cawley: Roads need repair

Roads need repair

Morrisville Town Council recently directed staff to prepare a budget predicated on maintaining the current property tax rate. This is unusual because a generally accepted budgeting principle is to first gather facts and then determine what tax rate is required to achieve an organization’s goals.

The resulting budget struggles to maintain current service levels, defers required maintenance and postpones actions that would enhance the town’s economy and quality of life for its residents.

The council has sought permission to raise taxes to fund projects which will expand town assets via a bond referendum. The council did not ask if the residents are willing to pay more taxes to fund the town’s routine operations and maintain current assets.

Morrisville has 4.6 miles of town roadways that require $2.9 million worth of routine maintenance right now. This unfunded core service need existed last year and will exist next year unless the council provides dollars via the towns accumulated savings or increased tax revenue.

How can the council responsibly consider any other spending to enhance Morrisville while this core service deficiency remains?

Morrisville is able to balance the budget by continuing to defer its obligation to maintain the town’s assets. The council responded to residents’ desire for increased fire and rescue staff and will respond again if residents indicate that maintaining town roads is important.

Email and indicate you either want your tax rate to remain fixed at .3665 (as it has been since 2005 despite inflation) OR you want a better town and are willing to pay for it. A modest increase will go a long way to a better Morrisville.

T.J. Cawley