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Margaret Feldman: School successes

School successes

Thursday was the last day of school for most schools in the area, and while many are elated that the school year has ended, I am sad. While the majority of the Triangle hears and reads about the horrors of state testing, the school assignment plan, hiring freezes, budget cuts, bell schedules and political squabbles, I see the all the great things going on with education.

I see staff members staying late to help kids get caught up. I see many purchasing items for students who lack necessary items such as notebooks, gym clothes, sneakers and yes, lunches. There are school staff members cheering kids on the fields and courts. Oh, and I can’t forget the teachers who get up and perform at school talent shows. I mean how many of you would rap to “Green Eggs and Ham” to a bunch of middle schoolers? And my favorite – walking in the hall and seeing a teacher either high-fiving a student or hugging a student who is having a bad day.

Yes, a school’s job is to get kids prepared for the next grade and future, but they do so much more, and while we may not make a lot, I know despite all the negative news about education, that we do make a difference – daily. So to all the teachers and school staff members, thank you for all you do and here’s to another school year!

Margaret Feldman