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Vinnie DeBenedetto: Tax confusion in Holly Springs

Tax confusion in Holly Springs

Regarding the Sunday June 10 Southwest Wake News Article “Critics Question Election Tax Talk,” at the last Holly Springs Council meeting, where the subject of increased taxes was discussed in a public hearing format, it was clear from a variety of speakers that there was confusion and poor communications on the part of the Town Council to the public.

In September before the last election, Tim Sack, who was running for re-election, stated “The mayor and Town Council do not want to raise taxes, and we don’t plan on doing so.” As we all know, he changed his tune and now supports a tax increase.

What is troublesome to me is the manner in which some council members and the mayor gave an appearance of “bait and switch” tactics. I say this because there were virtually no challenges to the Town Manager’s prepared budget.

Now that the budget is in its final approval phase, there is certainly the opportunity to delay and/or reduce the plans proposed until a clearer economic picture unfolds.

Poor communication and lack of transparency are not characteristics we want in our elected leaders.

Who determines what is a need or a want for the good of the taxpayer? The Town Staff? The Town Council? It should be the voters.

Vinnie DeBenedetto

Holly Springs