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Ram Krishnan: Problem roads in Morrisville

Problem roads

I am going to piggyback on James Sansom’s (June 3) letter on the Carpenter Upchurch – Morrisville Parkway intersection in Morrisville.

Looks like Morrisville has a problem designing intersections involving roads and railroad tracks.

At the above intersection people actually put their life in more danger by taking a U-turn to go west on Morrisville Parkway, or worse, ride right through the train tracks.

At the intersection of Chapel Hill Road and Church Street near the Walmart, there is a light, but you cannot take a left turn. No, you need to turn right and take a U-turn on busy Chapel Hill Road. If you want to proceed to Church Street coming out of Walmart, no luck. You must turn right and then proceed the wrong way before taking a U-turn in front of an office complex. But now there is a “No U-turn” sign in front of said office complex.

At the monstrosity of Chapel Hill and Morrisville Carpenter roads, someone who doesn’t know the place has no chance of getting it right, unless he is going straight.

When you travel any of these intersections you need to plan a few turns ahead. It is ridiculous.

Ram Krishnan