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Linda Hunt Williams: Holly Springs Council must weigh options

Council must weigh options

I am responding to Mr. DeBenedetto’s (June 17) comments regarding Holly Springs’ budget debate. He is correct that there was some confusion in the communication process on when or if a tax increase would happen as a result of the recent Parks and Recreation (P&R) bond.

Communication confusion has been a common theme throughout the public comment period. As a result, the Council has had plenty of public comments via phone calls, emails, and Town Council meeting visits by citizens who questioned the wisdom or lack of wisdom of a tax increase or who understood there would not be an increase anytime soon.

Mr. DeBenedetto, however, is incorrect to say there is no budget opposition on the Council. The vote has never been unanimous for any part of the Council’s decision process on this issue and the intra-Council debate has been vigorous. The election fact is irrefutable that the voters voted that they wanted more P&R projects, but subsequently many stated they were confused on when or if a tax increase would happen.

Whether we have or don’t have a tax increase is a decision of the Council, not whether not the bond passed. The P&R referendum bond does not require a tax increase; it only says that a tax increase may be necessary. In other words, the citizens voted on the referendum with a possible tax increase, but the Council as their elected representatives vote on the budget and whether to have a tax increase. It will not be an unanimous vote. Whatever majority decision is made by the Council, after the vote as a community, we need to move on. The next Council election is in 2013.

Linda Hunt Williams

Holly Springs

Councilwoman, Town of Holly Springs