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Sommers: Add student to task force

Include students’ opinions

Regarding the Feb. 14 News & Observer article “N.C. task force wants shorter tests”: The task force consists of parents, teachers and administrators but no students. I am an eighth-grader at Lufkin Road Middle School, and I have been closely following this issue as it directly affects me and my fellow students.

I believe that standardized tests are not as effective as they were made out to be, and the number needs to be reduced. The State Board of Education task force is suggesting shorter tests throughout the year, but it sounds as if the number and frequency will only increase, not decrease.

I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with standardized tests. I do not think this task force understands that I already take a series of smaller standardized tests all year long. I will take 19 standardized tests (benchmarks, MSLs, EOCs, EOGs) this year.

It also ends up being stressful. Because my teachers and school get graded on the results of these tests, students feel pressured to do well. I also still have actual graded tests.

These tests directly affect our future. Students deserve a seat on the task force and a say in how we are tested.

Jackson Sommers