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DiBella: Fuquay-Varina planning needs more thought

In response to the April 5 letter from Fuquay-Varina resident Jeanne Lake: That could have been me writing that letter. On a recent day, I jumped into my car for a quick ride to Kroger. I live off Judd Parkway. Well, that quick ride to Kroger never happened. I could not believe the traffic jam extending from U.S.401. I stayed with it for two to three minutes, totally exasperated, until I decided I had to be crazy to stop and go for at least another 15 minutes just to pick up salad. I did what Jeanne Lake did. I made a U-turn, but went back home instead.

We moved here in September 2005 but had been coming here for a few years before; my grown children lived here already. It was a pleasure back then driving on the roads here.

During the past two to three years, it has become our nightmare. It’s hard to believe that the DOT and the planning board are oblivious to this problem. Is nothing planned in this town with foresight?

It’s a known fact that Fuquay-Varina is a growing town – rapidly, I might add. Judd Parkway has to be completely overhauled, even if it means adding another lane, by taking some land to do so. And now to add to the problem, two new stores were put up off Judd Parkway as well. This certainly does nothing to alleviate our traffic problems, but will most assuredly add to it. Poor, poor planning.

Raffaela V. DiBella