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Apex council members: Sweetwater decision clarified

In the Nov. 22 story, “Apex council poised to approve Sweetwater,” it was written that we were swayed by fellow councilman Scott Lassiter on our decision to have the annexation vote on the Sweetwater development by the current council. To say we were swayed by Councilman Lassiter is simply not true. Nothing we said or did could lead to this conclusion.

Our decision was based on a sense of fairness and a strong desire to follow the rules as spelled out in the Town of Apex development ordinances.

Over the past year, we listened to the concerns of the affected residents, the developer and the land owners (who are Apex residents). It was a long and arduous process where the plan was continually improved and was ultimately approved by a majority on the Town Council.

Since the developer followed the rules laid out by our ordinances and made a significant investment getting the plan approved, it would be blatantly unfair at the very end not to approve the annexation, which is typically a routine matter. Additionally, it sends a terrible message to others who want to invest in Apex that they could lose their investment at the whim of a council that changes the rules mid-stream.

This would be counter-productive to our economic development efforts and would be a long-term mistake.

Denise Wilkie, Council Member, and Gene Schulze, Mayor Pro Tempore, Apex