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Anthony Bruno: Planned growth in Cary has downside

Planned growth has downside

Regarding the Nov. 4 story in The Cary News, “Potential development draws residents’ concerns.” Isn’t it about time? It’s laughable reading such stories – the concern displayed by town officials over the congestion while not acknowledging it was their decisions that mightily contributed towards the problems.

Cary and other neighboring towns have approved development in isolation using the appealing catch phrase, “Done to keep your taxes low.” There’s no appreciation for the downside of planned growth, no concern of the impact such decisions have on the school system, the infrastructure or the diminished quality of life for current residents.

No mind the county had to increase property taxes an average of $200 per home to pay for an $800 million school bond to build 16 new schools with an additional $600 to $800 million bond on the horizon to build another 16 schools, something we can thank town councils who were trying to avoid tax increases.

Last year, the Wake County population passed the 1 million mark while Cary’s population now exceeds 150,000. It shouldn’t take a review of this math to see what is going on doesn’t add up.

Anthony Bruno, Cary