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Marc Scagnelli: Kids who feel different aren’t alone

I just read Josh Shaffer’s article, “Reaching out to others,” in the Nov. 25 issue of The Cary News that profiled Brennan Lewis and their work to promote tolerance and understanding with the group Queer NC. I hope that all the feedback on this story will be supportive, but in case it isn’t, I wanted to send at least one positive letter.

I appreciate the work Brennan Lewis and Queer NC are doing to help kids who are different and feel alone. They are not alone, and they need to know that life gets better. They deserve love, respect, and happiness as much as any kid.

Thank you also to both Josh Shaffer and The Cary News for printing this story. I’ve lived here in Cary for nearly 20 years and know that it is a caring community, but LGBTQ issues are rarely discussed. In my experience though, most people in Cary have family or friends who are LBGTQ that they love and support. I’m sure this story will touch a lot of people’s hearts.

Marc Scagnelli, Cary