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Martha Brock: Cary Town Council’s HB2 response not enough

Cary Council response to HB2 not enough

Regarding the April 17 story, “Cary Council addresses HB2,” I cannot understand the Cary Town Council’s response to the North Carolina legislature’s passing of yet another bill that encroaches on the authority of municipalities across North Carolina, obviously including Cary.

While Mayor Harold Weinbrecht’s April 15 statement is a movement in the right direction, it misses the mark by focusing only on the economic impact of the bill, and the council did not take a formal position on the law. The long-term impact of repeated micromanagement of local affairs and ordinances by state legislators – in this case Charlotte’s ordinance – is pure folly and lack of home rule.

Councilman Don Frantz’s dismissive statement that, “The council tends to focus on issues that are in our direct control,” boggles my mind. What will be left in Cary’s direct control if the legislature intervenes at will in local government issues? Maybe our council missed the water supply issue in Asheville or the airport takeover in Charlotte.

The impact of House Bill 2 is much more than a business-recruiting issue.

Martha Brock, Cary