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Anne Horton: Cary should keep character of Carpenter Village

Keep feel of Carpenter Village

Regarding the proposed rezoning in Carpenter Village, as written about in the April 20 story, “Carpenter Village plans cause concern”: I am a resident of the neighborhood and strongly oppose the proposed rezoning. Carpenter Village is a family-orientated and higher-end development that enjoys a neighborhood feel. The proposed four-story buildings would disrupt this feel, overwhelm our neighborhood and bring other issues.

I would like to see development in the area, not just something designed to cram in as many people into a small space with no regard for the aesthetics of the neighborhood. The proposed buildings are very close to single-family homes and would overwhelm them in height. The proposed buildings are about twice the height of all the current buildings in the village square section of the neighborhood. The proposed buildings, at 65 feet tall, are even taller than the large buildings at Bradford at the corner of Davis and High House roads – a development that feels nothing like Carpenter Village – which are 54 to 62 feet tall.

The Town Council has repeatedly responded to residents’ concerns with “work with the applicant towards something both sides can be satisfied with.” The applicant has stated it is four stories or nothing. I think many residents would be OK with two to three stories and a look that matches the ambiance of our fair development. But four stories simply would be overwhelming.

Ask the Town Council not to allow rezoning to permit four-story buildings to move forward.

Anne Horton, Cary