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Norman Singer: Student shows art still worth pursuing

Art is still worth pursuing

The April 24 article, “Student’s interest in art blooms,” about Cary’s Spring Daze, which discussed the new procedure for allowing high school students to be feature artists for the festival poster, was a real awakening for me.

I think this will give many art students a chance to have their work seen by many in the community, and to gain recognition. This will catapult them to continue their studies in art, and perhaps consider it as a career. Although art is one of the most unprofitable careers in this technologically sophisticated world, it is still a beautiful discipline. And it is nice to see that some still pursue it for the love of the craft, although, as said in the article by student Emily Pittman, “I don’t think I’m going to major in art, but I’m definitely going to do something with it.”

It is unfortunate that to have a profitable career in art, you have to be a Warhol or a Pollack, or be dead like many of the greats. I hope this article will make more people think more about art as a career, either secondary or primary.

Norman Singer, Cary