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Pete Martin: Morrisville should consider all options

Morrisville should consider all options

I have been following the decisions and debates that have been taking place on the Morrisville Town Council since I left the board 4 1/2 years ago. I remain positive and hopeful that Morrisville is and will continue to be the best place to live in the Triangle.

My disappointment is mainly the direction in which the town is heading with its decisions on land uses. I have seen all of the land that was zoned low-density residential now changing to high-density, especially when several of the board members got elected on seeing the town being built with more low-density housing.

Of all the projects that are now taking place, currently the Stadelmaier property on Morrisville Carpenter Road, zoned low-density for a total of 18 homes, is being requested to be rezoned to somewhere around 75 homes, even though Morrisville Carpenter Road is one of our busiest roads and we are still seeking committed assistance from the Department of Transportation for road widening.

Any change of zoning should be done contingent on funding from the DOT. Why should the DOT provide funding to this road for traffic relief when the town is approving higher density, even before an approval is granted? I find this approach irresponsible and not based in logic. I encourage the board to strongly consider their options before worsening a problem that is already very bad.

Pete Martin, Morrisville