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Chapel Hill officials break to take stock, make plans

Town Council members took advantage of a new setting Saturday to learn more about each other, while brainstorming how to balance the town’s resources with its needs.

The annual retreat moved this year to the Barn at Valhalla, an event center west of Carrboro in White Cross. There, the council and town staff participated in small group conversations, a change from the retreat’s usual meeting-style format.

The exercise led to candid conversations about the town’s challenges and tradeoffs, some council members said. Staff members also reported gaining insight from the exercise. They will summarize the retreat discussions for a report to the council. Highlights will include:

Community prosperity

Goal: How can the council balance government responsibilities, social goals and market forces to fulfill the 2020 Plan for town growth?

Place for everyone

Goal: What does affordable housing mean in Chapel Hill and what are the critical issues?

Getting around

Goal: What should multimodal transportation look like in Chapel Hill, and what can the town make possible in two years? Five years?

Places, spaces

Goal: What are the critical issues surrounding the maintenance of town infrastructure to serve the community?