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Seats available on Orange County boards

Orange County has openings on the following advisory boards and commissions for at-large board members as well as those with specific requirements such as residence location or skill sets. Applicants must reside in Orange County.


Affordable Housing Advisory Board

– The Affordable Housing Advisory Board prioritizes affordable housing needs, assesses and monitors project proposals and local housing programs. The Board also explores new funding opportunities, assists in the investigation of County residential segregation patterns, and assists with other housing-related items as identified by the Board of County Commissioners. There are currently At-Large positions open.


Agricultural Preservation Board

– The Agricultural Preservation Board encourages the voluntary preservation and protection of farmland, recognizing the importance of agriculture to the economic and cultural life of the County. There are currently needs for representation in the Voluntary Agricultural Districts of White Cross, Schley-Eno, and New Hope-Hillsborough.


Arts Commission

– The Arts Commission recommends strategies to promote the artistic and cultural growth of Orange County, advises the Board of Commissioners on matters involving the arts, and acts as the granting panel for two annual funding programs available to individual artists and non-profit groups sponsoring arts projects in Orange County.


Board of Health

– The Board of Health seeks representation from specific health related professionals and the general public. The board makes policy and is charged with protecting and promoting the public health in Orange County. There are positions open for an At-Large resident and a dentist.


Historic Preservation Commission

– The Historic Preservation Commission is charged with undertaking an inventory of properties of historical, pre-historical, architectural, and/or cultural significance. It recommends areas to be designated or removed as “historic districts” and reviews and acts upon proposals for alterations, demolition, new construction, etc. Applicants must have related background. There is an opening for an At-Large position.


Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee

– This committee helps to maintain the intent of the Residents’ Bill of Rights, promotes community involvement, and provides public education on long-term care issues. The committee needs applicants with nursing home administration background.


Orange County Board of Adjustment

– The Board of Adjustment hears and decides on variance applications, appeals submitted related to official decisions/determinations made by the Planning Director, reviews and takes action on Class B Special Use Permit applications, as well as matters required to pass by the Unified Development Ordinance. There is an opening for an At-Large position.


Orange County Parks and Recreation Council

– The Parks and Recreation Council consults with and advises the Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks and Recreation, and the Board of County Commissioners. The council covers matters affecting recreation policies, programs, personnel, finances, and the acquisition and disposal of lands and properties related to the total community recreation program. The council also provides input on long range planning for recreation. There is an opening for a resident from the Cheeks Township.


Orange County Planning Board

– The Planning Board studies Orange County and surrounding areas to determine objectives in the development of the County. It prepares and recommends plans to achieve that development, including the suggesting of policies, ordinances, and procedures. The Planning Board currently needs a representative from the Hillsborough Township.

Go to to see a complete list of advisory boards and vacancies and applications. For additional information, contact the office of the Clerk to the Board: Thom Freeman at 919-245-2125, ( or Donna Baker at 245-2130, (