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Carrboro may increase towing fee

The Board of Aldermen may allow tow truck companies to charge up to $125 a tow.

The aldermen briefly discussed their towing regulations Tuesday after hearing from Police Chief Walter Horton, who met with tow truck operators.

They told Horton they did not want to accept credit cards, only cash, but if they were required to accept credit cards, they wanted to charge $150 rather than $125.

They also wanted to increase their storage fees and were concerned about a 15-minute grace period, Horton said.

The aldermen, who had already decided most of those issues back in July, said they were not inclined to change their minds.

Alderwoman Jacquelyn Gist said she would not back down on the rule that requires the operators to accept credit cards.

"It's a safety and convenience thing that most people don’t travel with that kind of money," she said.

Carrboro had proposed a maximum $100 fee, but Alderman Damon Seils suggested $125 to be in line with Chapel Hill and Durham. The board will consider that at a future meeting.