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Orange County hires new manager

Orange County’s next county manager Bonnie Hammersley was chosen from among more than 50 applicants, officials say.

She will meet with the community from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday at the Link Government Services Center, 200 S. Cameron St. in Hillsborough.

The Orange County Board of Commissioners will officially vote on Hammersley’s appointment Thursday. Her first day on the job will be June 25.

Interim County Manager Michael Talbert, who has filled the post since former County Manager Frank Clifton left in September, will retire June 30.

“Ms. Hammersley possesses impressive experience, has worked in a progressive community and brings a striking combination of competence, confidence and thoroughness,” commissioners Chairman Barry Jacobs said. “She is a good listener and by all accounts a hard worker and an adept practitioner of the collaborative skills we value.”

Hammersley is a 26-year veteran of county government, formerly serving as the first female county administrator in Muskegon County, Mich. She worked for 21 years before that in Dane County, Wis. Hammersley has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Edgewood College in Wisconsin.

“Orange County offers a wonderful quality of life, political stability and the community aggressively addresses the issues in a progressive and proactive manner. This is a great professional opportunity,” she said.