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Carrboro aldermen set hearings for Fidelity Street, Lloyd Farm projects

The Board of Aldermen will hear from residents this month about a plan to build six homes on about a half-acre on Fidelity Street, behind the O2 Fitness Club.

The infill project offered by Yates-Greene, LLC is classified as an “Architecturally Integrated Subdivision,” which would allow for the unusual density of so many homes on so little land.

If approved after the June 28 public hearing, two lots at 102 and 104 Fidelity St. would be conditionally rezoned, reducing the minimum lot size for the R-2 district from 40,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet.

The homes are expected to range in size from 1,500 to 2,000 square feet and be designed for single-family use.

Alderwoman Jacquie Gist asked for and received assurances that these would not become houses with five or six bedrooms suitable for student rentals – an outcome she said she would oppose vigorously.

None of the homes will feature garages, a design that is intended to encourage homeownership without cars. All will feature passive solar design elements and although the R-2 zone allows buildings of up to 50 feet, none would be higher than 38 feet, a typical height for residential buildings.

Without rezoning, the two lots (currently zoned R-7.5) would allow for the development of only two or three homes.

To approve the project, the aldermen will have to approve the R-2 rezoning as well as a text amendment to the land use ordinance, which could affect other proposed projects in the future.

Changing the required lot sizes for integrated subdivisions would represent a limited change, but one that might be important for attracting more infill development projects to locate housing into areas not previously considered.

Gist noted that prospect with caution at the aldermen’s last meeting, acknowledging that approval would still be required on a case by case basis, but the precedent would be set.

“It certainly opens that door, which I imagine other people would want to walk through,” she said.

Lloyd Farm

Also on June 28, the aldermen will hold a public hearing on conditional rezoning and text amendments for the long-awaited Lloyd Farm development project.

Facilitated meetings brought town staff, neighbors and the developer together to work through some significant conflict. Town staff members have received an application to begin development and the plan will spend the month of June working its way through the town’s various advisory boards before coming before the aldermen at the public hearing.

The application asks the town to rezone property at N.C. 54 and 700 Old Fayetteville Road, across from the Plantation Acres shopping center, to B-4-conditional rezoning (B-4-CZ) for the construction of a mixed-use development to include a grocery store, restaurants, commercial outparcels for restaurants, retail and banks along with 220 units of senior housing.

Previous attempts by Argus Development Group to send the project forward met a buzzsaw of neighborhood opposition, stalling the $90 million to $100 million project and failing to get enough support for the aldermen to set a public hearing date.

The 40-acre project would generate an estimated $600,000 a year in town property tax revenue, as well as additional sales tax.