Chapel Hill: Obituaries

Tim Brower

Timothy Seth Brower was born in June of 1964 in Bloomington Indiana but always thought of Chapel Hill North Carolina as home. His parents Dave and Lou Ann moved their growing family there in 1970 and Tim and his siblings David and Ann enjoyed an idyllic growing up. They went fishing and swimming on Eastwood Lake, rode skateboards all over town and ran with the first iteration of the CC Pacers Track Club. Backyard birthday parties included pirate ships and space rockets Tim’s dad built with materials scavenged at surplus outlets.With the help of his mother Lou Ann and instructors at The Hill Center he overcame his dyslexia, went to Chapel Hill High School, and graduated from Durham Academy. He went on to attend Hope College, NC State University and Guilford College where he earned a BA in Art and Philosophy. After a couple years of odd jobs and mischief in San Francisco, Chapel Hill and St Paul he decided to pursue an MFA in sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His thesis show included an 18-foot tall, steel human hamster wheel and the still infamous push-me-pull-you bicycle.While living in Chicago Tim worked with art students, ran a gallery out of an old weightlifting supply store, and he fell in love. He met Holly Greenberg at the Art Institute. She is a printmaker, a teacher, an adventurer and stole Tim’s heart. They married on Nantucket Island in 1998 and soon found themselves in Syracuse, NY. Tim worked with art and design students and earned a second masters degree in Architecture from Syracuse University. When not running, cycling or swimming (he completed a full Ironman), Tim’s nights and weekends were spent renovating a decommissioned church that he and Holly bought and transformed into a home. When Gulliver was born, Tim built his son a cottage inside the church complete with a shingled roof, white picket fence and astroturf play area. When their second son Eisen was born, and the boys were big enough to move out of the little house, Tim renovated the choir loft into a bedroom. Now when the boys head up to bed each night they climb a spiral staircase their Dad built, enter their room through a secret door disguised as a bookcase, and get tucked into beds that sparkle under the light that shines through stained glass windows.As a teenager Tim dreamed of fronting a punk rock band with dozens of screaming fans. As a young man Tim dreamed of creating a lasting work of art, something that would resonate, say something profound about the human condition and be remembered. But as a grown man he dreamed that one day he could show his family - his children, wife, brother, sisters, parents and nephews - just how much he loved them. That last dream is one that was fully realized. Timothy Seth Brower is survived by his wife Holly, his children Gulliver and Eisen, his siblings Ann and David, his parents Dave and Lou Ann, his sisters-in-law Catherine, Laurel and Fifi and his nephews and nieces Naveed, Shaan, Nicholas, Benjamin, Kyle, Jared, Kara and Hannah. They all love him very much and will miss him.A memorial service will be held in his honor at Chapel of the Cross in Chapel Hill on Friday February 10 at 3 pm. In lieu of flowers, family and friends are invited to contribute to a fund to support Gulliver and Eisen’s college education. <a href="" target="_new"></a>