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More letters: A roundabout refresher

Roundate refresher

Please print a simple diagram to show Chapel Hill residents the proper use and etiquette of roundabouts or traffic circles.

I often see the following potential accident-causing or traffic impeding actions:

• A car comes to a complete stop before entering the circle even if the circle is void of other cars. Reducing speed is safe, but unnecessarily coming to a complete stop could cause a rear end collision.

• Drivers exiting the circle fail to indicate with the right turn signal which results in entering cars having to needlessly wait. Be courteous and signal your exit from the circle so drivers know that they can enter the circle ahead of you.

• Since signaling has become rare, drivers in cars approaching the circle sometimes assume that a car in the circle is exiting and dangerously proceed. You must yield to the traffic already in the circle.

Perhaps we could all be safer and get home earlier with this much-needed refresh.

Michael Conway

Chapel Hill